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Whether you’re a student in school, college or university, our software is the best PDF reader for students
and is an invaluable tool.
Able to read long research documents in seconds and highlight the bits you’re searching for, you won’t know how you managed without it before you signed up!

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Our AI-Powered PDF Reader Lets You Chat With Any PDF:
The Process is Simple for Students

Complex terms made simple!
Get instant explanations and definitions for those confusing terms, acronyms, and concepts right from the document itself. Our powerful AI PDF reader makes the complex simple.

1. Easily upload your PDF

A simple click, or drag and drop process, and you’ve uploaded the PDF that you want our reader to look at. Our PDF reader for students can read the document in seconds, ready for you to start chatting.

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3. Cite Your Sources

Without needing to rescan the whole document again, you chat to the PDF and ask for the sources of its answers. The AI PDF reader will link straight to the page of the answer making your citation process a piece of cake!

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2. Ask Questions, Get Answers

Our PDF reader for students is then able to answer any questions you have about the PDF you’ve just uploaded. Able to locate the information you’re looking for in the blink of an eye, saving you valuable time in reading and re-reading for the relevant bits you need for your assignment.

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Meet the Deadlines With the Best PDF Reader for Students

Financial documents
Legal documents
Academic papers
Translating documents
Scientific papers

PDF just
got an upgrade

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Effortless Exploration - Easily navigate through sections, jump to specific pages, and locate relevant information within your documents

Increases Your Productivity

Having the best PDF reader for students at your fingertips will help you find the sections you need for your assignment in seconds rather than having to read for hours to find them.

Extracting precise sections, summarising, annotating, highlighting, classifying and comparing sections will make short work of all your assignments. Our AI PDF reader for students can also translate for you, saving valuable time and speeding up your productivity.

Easily Digest Academic Papers

Cut through all the pages of academic research papers and find the perfect quotes or information you need in seconds – saving you hours of reading and highlighting time.

Able to help with document management and organisation as well as summarising, annotating and extracting for easy referral – you’ll not remember how you managed before you found it.

Our best PDF reader for students is going to be your secret weapon for slaying any size of monster assignment.

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Unlimited Uploads and Questions

For only $11, or about £9, per month, little more than the cost of a McDonald’s meal deal, you can upload unlimited numbers of documents and ask as many questions as you like.

The investment is worth it for the unlimited support it’ll give you for your assignments and studies. Our AI PDF reader will be your strongest tool in your toolbox for getting you through your studies.

Reliable Citations and Sources

When you upload a PDF, our AI PDF reader for students can extract and arrange the text with accurate references for the page or section of the document you’re looking for.

As with all academic documents, you’ll have to conduct an independent assessment and verification of the accuracy and legitimacy, but our PDF reader will source and cite with pinpoint accuracy from the uploaded PDFs you’re looking for help with.

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